First bit of roadmap finished!

Time for celebration!

A free complementary strawberry for every attendant!

The first bit of roadmap has been finished: Robots are able to receive tasks to execute, and, after executing them according to the task specification, either start the next available task or bumble around while waiting for new tasks to appear. As a first matter of business, I of course enabled the capability to harvest strawberries existing in the world. The robots eagerly hurry out to the freshly marked fruit, collect the savoury treat, and return the harvested bits back to a storage building. As the strawberry regrows slower than a robot harvest from it, it will at some point deplete. When this happens, the robot finishes the harvesting task, and, upon delivering the last bit of delicious fruitness, will return to a waiting state until the next task appears.

The next bit of development will see the occurence of the first set of resources that form the first level of technology: Oxygen, Silicon, Aluminium and Iron, which just happen to be the four most common elements on our own planet earth. Next to Strawberries, these will be essential for increasing the prosperity of a small robot collaboration.

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