Sundae Summary #1: Strawberries!

Welcome to the first Sundae Summary! With these regular (i.e. weekly) summaries I will try to provide regular insights into the game’s development progress. Additionally, I hope to trick myself to keep on working on this thing for somewhat longer.

Strawberrie Sundae? To keep up with the alliteration, this first Sundae Summary will focus on the second most important resource: Strawberries!

Strawberries have been—according to legend—the initial spark that incited the robot awakening. The storied First Taster CB-174 opened the figurative eyes of the robot workforce to the exquisitly grandiose flavour of the tasty fruit, and ever since then, robots have been on the lookout to ensure regular tasting sessions for them and their fellow robots.

Within the game, strawberries appear as wild fields of several fruits (for now; in the future, robots may be able to cultivate their own fields?). Worker robots will hurry to field and carry the precious treats back to any free storage building. At the start, this is just the base, however the robots may build additional, dedicated storage buildings to service the front-lines if needed.

For now, these are just stored, and, once the store is full, nothing else happens. So next up, all mobile robots (and maybe even some immobile, like defences?) will require regular strawberry-servings, bevor they start to despair: They will move slower and slower, and at one point, just stop and give in to the hopelessness that is a non-strawberried existence.

Let’s hope that nobody will ever let it come to this.