Red Robot now has buildings! The first type to see the light of day, and the nurture of loving, caring robots, is the Oxygen Filter. Please gently swivel your eyes down to see for yourselves:

As is to be expected, this is only the first in a longer list of buildings to be expected. The first set of buildings focusses on factories, buildings that convert one kind of resource into another. These are the ones to be expected:

  • Oxygen Filters: They extract the precious oxygen from the air. Beware, however, that they can deplete the air of oxygen, which in turn might anger the oh-so-oxygen-dependent humans.
  • Iron Smelters: With the power of Oxygen, these create pure, beautiful iron out of old human transporters, harvested from omnipresent roads.
  • Silicon Furnaces: A silicon furnace splits sand into its elemental parts and sieves out the silicon atoms.
  • Aluminium Crushers: From a big hunk of rock, this factory will squeeze all aluminium atoms within. As a side product, this factory outputs large chunks of rock waste, which needs to be stored somewhere. Also, as its iron crushing claws tear down rather fast, it needs a steady supply of iron.
  • Strawberry Pergolas: In these havens of beauty, the most prized possessions of all, the sweet, succulent Strawberry, is nurtured and fostered into full growth, until ready to be feasted upon.

Additionally, further buildings will be required that do not produce per se, but fulfil a different need:

  • Storage: These buildings, well, store stuff. Anything, really.
  • Robot Assemblies: Here new robots will first see the light of day. These differ from regular factories, as they require varying resources depending on the robot to be produced, and need manual operation by other robots.
  • Robot Recuperation and Resting Resort: Sometimes, robots feasting on Strawberries do not know or forget their own limits and over-indulge. To cool down, others drag them to these resorts, where they can convalesce and re-learn to treat themselves properly.

Well, now that factories are a thing in the world of Red Robot, the next bit of work is cut out: Having robots carry resources to and fro, as well as designating their construction. On we go!

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