Welcome to jasminé!

Current Work

I work as scientific staff at the University of Lübeck.

In addition, I pursue a couple of spare time projects.


At my daytime job I work as scientific staff at the Institute of Telematics at the University of Lübeck. In addition to teaching activities, I work on the institute’s research and my doctorate.

You can find more information about my scientific work at my staff page.

Game Development

As a hobbyist side project, I develop a computer game in my spare time. I write about it at my Game Development Blog.

Previously, I have been investigating web-based Scala development with GoodNight, a platform for interactive and cooperative storytelling. As a player, you interact with text-based worlds, pile up skills and riches, and go on a multitude of adventures.


I very much delight in fantasy, fictitious stories spanning unknown worlds inhabited by interesting characters. This is evident in my interest in books, movies as well as computer and role-playing games.

Recently, I have started writing short stories, and currently try to write longer fiction stories. These mostly focus on science or magic fiction worlds, and characters overcoming their own limitation to find purpose in their life’s journey.


You can contact me via Mail at For your social networking, I even made it to facebook and xing.